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    Neurofeedback for Concussions
    By Siegfried Othmer, PhD
    December 23rd, 2015
    On the occasion of the release of the film ‘Concussion‘ it is only appropriate that we add our voice to those that have already been raised on this issue. The reason is that neurofeedback is really the only remedy currently available for concussions. The plain truth of the matter is that the medical cupboard has always been bare when it came to concussions, and that remains true to this day. Read More »

    Study of Former NFL Players Shows Risks for Brain from Youth Football
    By Jason M. Breslow
    August 12, 2015
    In any given season, a youth football player might experience hundreds of hits to the head. Most of the time, these routine impacts won’t be straight-on collisions that cause a concussion, but research has shown that players as young as nine can still be vulnerable to blows that carry the same amount of force that’s more typical for college football.

    Biofeedback now a "Level 1 — Best Support" Intervention for Attention & Hyperactivity Behaviors
    By SharpBrains
    October 5, 2012
    PracticeWise, the company that maintains the American Academy of Pediatrics "Evidence-based Child and Adolescent Psychosocial Interventions" announced it will elevate biofeedback as an intervention for Attention & Hyperactivity Behaviors.

Welcome to Metrowest Neurofeedback

We emphasize a personal focus in our office. Each patient works with one clinician who develops and implements an individualized training protocol. Patients respond surprisingly quickly to this training, and even people with resistant conditions can produce lasting changes.

Neurofeedback training helps people effectively modify and maintain new behaviors, without the undesired effects of medication. Also known as EEG biofeedback or neurotherapy, neurofeedback is a state-of-the-art technology that we use to offer a safe, highly effective method of brain training. Using EEG biofeedback, you can train your brain toward greater self-regulation, which has a beneficial effect on behavior, learning, emotion, and more. Neurofeedback is research-based brainwave training with an extensive history. It is non-invasive, medication-free, easy to do, and even fun! Neurofeedback training can transform your life by helping you modify the brain dysregulation underlying many disorders and symptoms of mind/body.

Change your brain, change your behavior

Neurons, the basic functional unit of brain activity, communicate by electrical impulses. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) can induce significant changes in the brain, as can some medications. When medication is discontinued, however, the effect diminishes. Medication targets symptoms, not underlying causes in the brain. Neurofeedback can help you learn to change your brain in an effortless and pleasurable process, one that strengthens over time even after neurotherapy has ended.

As the basic functional unit of brain activity, neurons communicate by electrical impulses. Neurofeedback training works directly on the neuronal level so that people can effectively modify and maintain new behaviors, without the undesired side effects of medication. Neurofeedback works synergistically with psychotherapy to more quickly strengthen positive changes in cognition and behavior.

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Metrowest Neurofeedback is proud to be a provider of neurofeedback services to veterans through the Homecoming for Veterans program. For more information call us at 978.273.1542 or visit the program's website at hc4v.org

Pentagon's Brain-Powered Videogames Might Treat PTSD
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